September 13, 2022 Meeting Minutes



Tuesday, September 13th, 2022

Hybrid meeting- from Wildcat Commons at Springman

Attendees: Megan R., Diana O., Lisa E., Chelle C., Niki V., Leisl J., Rehana H., Ghizala H., Tara C., Sarah and 5 other attendees via Zoom

  1. Welcome 
  • Meeting called to order at 9:17 a.m.
  • Chelle reviewed who was on the 2022-2023 PTA Board
  1. Approval of minutes from the May 17nd, 2022 PTA meeting
  • Motion moved by Tara
  • Motion seconded by Ghizala
  1. Treasurer update- Rehana
  • Rehana shared the 2022/2023 PTA Budget. Income expected to be $31,100 and expenses are expected to be $24,500 for a net income of $6,600. She highlighted what some of the bigger line items are and then asked for questions (there were none). Rehana moved to approve the budget and Ghizala seconded it. The motion carried.
  1. Principals’ Reports

Megan Russell, Springman

  • Megan said both she and Diana plan to work together this year to bring the schools more together and said the theme at school this year is to “Reset and Connect.” She said she can already feel a different energy this year as students knew more what to expect as the restrictions imposed by the pandemic over the past few years have been eased.
  • Gave a big thank you to the PTA for the great event on Saturday evening that both she and Diana (and some of their staff) attended.
  • Building looks different as it’s brand new but there are a lot of new staff members as well. Specifically her team is very new- Lisa Engel is the Associate Principal of Teaching and Learning, Megan Chin is the Assistant Principal for Student Services and Abby Cullen is the new Student Success Coordinator.  There are also new staff in the office as well. She looks at all of the new employees as an opportunity for positive change.
  • The first all-school assembly took place the first week in the new gym. They also honored Mr. Tosh for all his years of service.
  • Upcoming events include Curriculum night this Thurs Sept 15th, MAP testing later this week, and panoramic survey to be done on the 28th.
  • Fall athletics are in full swing and this year Springman can finally host home events as Phase 1 of the construction is finished.
  • Wildcat of the Week for students and staff started last week.
  • Student Council also up and running with a lot of enthusiasm.
  • Wildcat Weekly now being sent to students’ inboxes as well.

Diana O’Donnell, Attea

  • Diana said that she has felt very welcomed by everyone in the district (as she is new this year) and thanked everyone for that.
  • Said that Megan covered the majority of upcoming events/ongoings at Attea as well.
  • Really wants to build connections amongst students, staff, between schools, etc. and have fun. But she also wants to keep expectations from students regarding behavior high as well.
  • Clubs have begun. There will be a virtual fair on what’s being offered but also flyers and handouts in Attea’s commons so that students can easily learn about clubs they might be interested in.
  1. Committee Chair reports

Fundraising- Chelle said that SPAT-A-PALOOZA was a success and that we met our fundraising goals for it. She thanked Twelve Tone for providing the student led bands. She emphasized how great it was to have local businesses like North Branch and Apricot Lane contribute as

  • well and was glad to finally be able to have a social event for parents. She mentioned that the PTA would like to start talking about a potential student social event for later in the year as well.
  • Book Fair- the book fair will be the week of October 10th at both schools. Anderson Books will be the supplier. PTA helps to advertise the event and help with getting parent volunteers, but this is really coordinated between the schools and Anderson. She emphasized what a fun event it will be to come volunteer at.
  • Spirit Wear- Inventory should be in today, so it will be available for purchase at the PTA booths at Curriculum night on Thursday and hopefully at a few sporting events this year. Spirit Wear can also be purchased online.
  • A to Z Directory- PTA Council worked with the district and the district has agreed to coordinate this with the directory company, A to Z. Each PTA will still have to pay for this service but the administration will be completed by the district with assistance from the school’s PTA liaisons as needed.
  1. Old Business
  • Springman principal and 8th grade grad committee chairs to meet to decide how extra funds from May 2022 grad party will be gifted to the school. Chelle hopes to arrange this meeting soon. Attea already allocated their extra funds to the school. Money went towards a coffee cart for the teachers. 
  1. New business
  • Based on feedback from survey PTA sent to teachers last year, the PTA is focusing on setting up community service projects for the students. Ideally there will be one project per trimester. There are already PTA leads from each school for this but additional parent volunteers will be needed. The first service project will likely involve gardening on the school grounds (fall cleanup, bulb planting, etc.).
  1. Upcoming Events
  • Next PTA meeting Tuesday November 15th at 7 pm at Attea
  • Principal chat in October- date TBD
  • Dining for Dollars- Dengeos October 20th
  • Shopping Night at Apricot Lane- October TBD
  • Book fair at both schools- October 10th
  • Teacher Conferences/No School- October 14th

Meeting Adjourned: 10:14 a.m. Chelle moved and Niki seconded.