November 2023 SP-AT PTA Meeting Minutes


Tuesday November 14, 2023
In person at Attea

Attendees: D34 staff members: Megan R., Diana O., Brian E. and Florrie R.; Parents: Niki V., Tara C., Leisl J.,
Evelyn C., Karen K., Kate A., Becky T. and Alison S.
1) Welcome
 Meeting called to order at 9:20 a.m.
2) Approval of minutes from the September 19 th , 2023 PTA meeting
 Motion moved by Tara
 Motion seconded by Niki
3) Budget update, Evelyn
 From a revenue standpoint, the PTA is doing well. The SPATAVINIA event and membership
were both in line with budget and as those make up almost 75% of projected revenue, we are
in good shape. Expenses are also tracking in line with budget.
 Some of the PTA’s cash was moved to a CD which has a rate of 5.25%. This will yield a better
return than when the cash was in a money market account. CD expires in May.

4) Guest speaker, Brian Engle D34 Superintendent of Tech and Innovation, on District’s
efforts to re-evaluate the middle school schedule
 Reviewed the history of how the district got to the current middle school schedule and
highlighted some concerns about the current schedule that have been raised, including 80
minutes being too long for middle schoolers to maintain focus on one subject and not enough
time for social studies and science.
 Showed example of potential proposed new 2024-2025 middle school schedule and explained
next steps for moving the re-evaluation process forward. They hope to present a proposed
schedule to the D34 board at the December meeting and ask for feedback.
 Those present at the meeting were also encouraged to provide feedback and share thoughts.
5) Principals’ Reports
 Megan (Springman)- Springman is having an all-school assembly this Friday to celebrate the end
of trimester 1 and to honor students who have participated in fall sports and clubs. Students
are also working on goal setting.
 Diana (Attea)- Attea recently celebrated World Kindness Day. This coming Monday and Tuesday
will be flex schedule days as there are some special events planned in celebration of the end of
Trimester 1. Students are also working on goal setting.

6) Committee Chair reports

 Winter Community Service- Springman to do birthday bag project again this year on Feb 12 th .
Attea to do grade specific projects: 6 th – snack bags for clubs, 7 th – TBD and 8 th – care packages to
be delivered to the memory care center down the street.
 Thrift Up- Karen provided a summary of the event. Approximately 170 people participated
between volunteers and those who shopped. Only spent around $200 on the event. GBS
student volunteers were a great help. Some suggested changes for next year include
eliminating the drop-off options earlier in the week and focus on one evening drop-off on
Thursday and one late afternoon drop-off on Friday. Suggest advertising the shopping day itself
more next year and eliminate the early access shopping.
 Teacher Grants- Alison said that they received 14 applications (4 from Attea and 10 from
Springman) by the Nov 10 th deadline. The applications are currently being reviewed by the
chairs. Next steps include meeting with the district and principals to further evaluate. Their goal
is to communicate with staff who submitted grant requests by mid December.
 Holiday Helper- Per Tara, around 100 of the 125 families are covered but we will continue to
promote the need for help through weekly e-blasts and social media. We are hoping to be able
to provide all 125 families with $100 worth of gift cards. Gift cards are due to either school’s
office by December 2 nd . Thanks to all who have already supported this great cause.

7) Old Business
 Character Counts Food Drive went well all in all, but numbers were slightly lower than last year
(575 at Attea and 383 at Springman).
 Fall conference lunches went well. Marla’s service was on time and on budget. There was a lot
left over at Springman so looking for better numbers to prevent this from happening next year.

8) New Business
 8 th Grade graduation party planning is underway and committees have been set at each school.
Contracts were signed at both schools with HYPE DJ and deposits paid.
 Gratitude project is ready to go. Still waiting to receive gratitude cards from a few people but
everything is set for the snacks/food for staff at each school for this Friday.
 Planning for the winter luncheon is underway. Dengeos will be catering the lunch again this
year and a dessert sign up will be sent out in the next week or two.
 Bad Momz Comedy Night is set up for February 22 nd . Tickets are live so please buy yours asap as
this event sold out last year.

9) Upcoming Events
 Nov 14 th – Dining for Dollars at Chipotle and Pop Up spirit wear event at Attea
 Nov 17 th – Gratitude Day
 Dec 14 th – Notice shopping night
 Dec 21 st – Winter luncheon

Meeting Adjourned: 10:50 a.m.
Next Meeting: January 23 rd at 9:15 am at Springman
Notes recorded by Tara Call.