Thrift Up! Fall Community Service Project FAQs



Springman/Attea PTA ~ Fall 2023 ~ Community Service Project
Event Date: Saturday, October 7th , 11:00am-2:00pm

Collection Dates: 10/2-10/6
Attea Middle School, MPR

What is Thrift Up?
Thrift Up! is a one day thrift event of donated children’s activity items appropriate for
students in grades K-8. All donations are collected from our Springman & Attea families
prior to the event and offered to our D34 thrifters for FREE! Monetary contributions are
welcomed (not expected) and will go directly to the SP- AT PTA. Please bring your own
shopping bags or boxes to carry out your Thrift Up! treasures.

What are children’s activity items?
Children’s activity items include the various activities your children have tried over the
years and have grown out of or are done with as they move on to the next hobby, sport,
or interest. Donated activity items are hand-me-downs, like new, or at times brand new
of K-8 children’s equipment & attire, art supplies, musical equipment, books, toys,
games/puzzles & more.

Do I have to donate children’s activity items to take items?
No-Any D34 student or family who wants a donated item may take it.

Is there an entry fee?
No-Thrift Up! is a FREE D34 community event. Monetary contributions are welcomed
(not expected) and will go directly to support the SP- AT PTA.

How do I carry out my thrifted items?
Please bring your own shopping bags or boxes to carry out your selected treasures.

Is there a limit to how many items I can select?
No-A good rule of thumb is to take what you can carry. There will also be volunteers
available to assist you to your car, if necessary.

I want to donate K-8 children’s activity items. How do I get started?
Look through your home, basement, garage, or storage and grab items that your
children no longer use or have grown out of. Please only donate items you yourself
would use or purchase. If there is life left in the item, then please clean and prep the
item for repurposing to another D34 family. The recipient will appreciate your thoughtful
cleaning of this new to them treasure. Please indicate the size of any clothing item or
shoes. Then donate cleaned & prepped items to Attea or Springman Middle Schools
during the collection week of Monday, October 2 nd -Friday, October 6th , during school

What K-8 children’s activity items are accepted?
Please ONLY donate items suitable for ages 5yrs-14yrs, grades K-8. Categories along
with some general examples are listed below. Scroll down further details on our “NO

o D34 Spirit Wear: School clothing from all D34 schools
o Music: Instruments, instructional books, stands, etc.
o Theater: Costumes/”Dress Up”, Halloween costumes, props
o Books: Chapter books & graphic novels and beyond. We are collecting
only books that can be used at Kinder level and up, unused activity books,
instructional books (e.g., How to make paper airplanes), etc.
o Sports Equipment & Attire: Cleats, shin guards (as a pair only), elbow &
knee pads (pair only), soccer cones, athletic shoes, lacrosse sticks,
variety of sport balls, golf bags, figure skates, hockey equipment, ski &
snowboard equipment, baseball mitts, leotards, etc.
o Games: Board games, puzzles, cards, yard games that are gently used
and intact (not broken or missing pieces)
o Video Games: Cartridges for all systems. NO gaming devices.
o Toys: Legos, trains, cars, stuffed animals, dolls, stomp rockets, hula
hoops, etc.
o Art & Craft: Paint, crayons, color pencils, paper, stamps, stickers, sewing,
knitting, crochet, jewelry (beads, friendship bracelets, loom), etc
o Hobby & Misc: Gardening tools (kid sized), science kits, magic, etc
o Backpacks: School backpacks, sling, rope. NO luggage!

When can I donate my K-8 children’s activity items to Thrift Up?
Monday, October 2 nd – Friday, October 6 th , 2023 during school hours.
**Friday, October 6 th is an additional FINAL drop-off 2:00-4:00pm at Attea Middle School
(main entrance). We advise you to bring larger/heavier objects or if you have a large
quantity items on Friday, October 6th.

Where do I donate my K-8 children’s activity items to Thrift Up?
Monday, October 2 nd – Friday, October 6 th there will be collection bins at both Attea &
Springman. Bins will be located at the school offices or main entrances.
**Friday, October 6th, FINAL drop-off 2:00-4:00pm at Attea (main entrance). Volunteers
will assist in taking items from your car. Do not get out of your car. All D34 families are
welcome to participate in drop-off.

Can I donate items on the day of the event?

I have large donation items (e.g., hockey equipment, golf bags, tumbling mats,
goals, rebounder nets or multiple items) where and when should I donate?

We encourage you to donate larger items during our FINAL drop-off time on Friday,
October 6 th , 2:00pm-4:00pm at Attea (main entrance). Volunteers can help assist you in
your drop-off and we’ll have better storage capabilities.

Are trampolines, pitching machines, basketball hoops, inflatable bounce houses,
camping gear/tents, etc accepted?

No-The PTA will provide an online message board (only for these types of rare and
large donations) on our Springman Attea PTA Facebook page. Go to “Upcoming
events-Thrift Up Fall Community Service Project-Discussion” ( The PTA is not
responsible for follow-up communication or helping with exchange in any way. This is a
“parent-to-parent” exchange and communication tool to be used responsibly. If you
have questions about the event you can also post them here, and we’ll respond asap.
You can also ask questions from our Springman Attea PTA website https://sp-

Or, email the parent volunteers listed at the bottom of this information.

Will you hold items or deliver them?
No-We will NOT hold or deliver items for people. If you want an item you are personally
responsible for collecting the item BEFORE 2:00pm on Saturday, October 7 th . Any items
left over from the event will be donated to local charities or discarded.

How do I sign up as a student or parent volunteer?
Springman & Attea middle school students can sign up to volunteer by following these links:

SPRINGMAN Student Sign Up:
ATTEA Student Sign Up:

*Students involved with school sponsored clubs assisting in preparations should still
sign up on the link so we can prepare appropriately for all shifts. If you’re student is
involved in a school club, please indicate which club in the comments section when
signing up.

Parent volunteers please sign up by following these links:
SPRINGMAN Parent Sign Up:
ATTEA Parent Sign Up:

How much life is left [in the item]? If you would use it or buy it then donate to Thrift Up!
Save this item from the landfill.
*Our Collection Team has a right to refuse any item.
*Bring your own bags/boxes to carry out items you want.

NO donations for age 4yrs or younger.
NO donations for children over the age of 14yrs.
NO donations that haven’t been cleaned and prepped for next user.
NO donations with broken or missing pieces.
NO donations of used art supplies. All supplies must be unused and in original
NO school supplies.
NO clothing—exceptions are: District 34 spirit wear, sport or activity wear items & Halloween costumes.
NO mouthguards
NO jockstraps
NO swim/water gear (e.g., bathing suits, swim goggles, swim caps, snorkels,
flippers, kickboards, water toys, sand toys, inflatable rafts, life jackets, pool
noodles, etc.)
NO books below kindergarten level. We will NOT accept board books, flap
books, musical tone books, or picture books.
NO gaming devices.
NO wheels (e.g., bikes, bike trailers, skateboards, scooters, strollers, wagons,
carts, big wheels, power wheels, etc)
NO luggage.
NO trampolines, pitching machines, inflatable bounce houses, etc. (**See our
Springman Attea PTA Facebook page. Go to “Upcoming events-Thrift Up Fall
Community Service Project-Discussion” to have “parent-to-parent”
communication for these larger items and exchanges ( You can also ask
questions here
. You can also
email the parent volunteers listed below.)

NO returns. All exchanges are final. This is a one day event only. Whatever you
take is yours to keep!

ABSOLUTELY NO furniture, housewares, knick knacks, electronics, or any
other items non-related to children’s activities grades K-8.

If you have any further questions you can contact the following parent volunteers:

Karen Klein,
Dana Doffin,
Melissa Dahlquist,
Beena Amin,

We look forward to offering this Thrift Up! event for our D34 families! With your help in
donations towards the event and volunteering your time we’ll make this a successful
event for all in our community. Thank you!


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