FYI: Full-Day Kindergarten Info

Full-Day Kindergarten Launches in District 34 in 2022-2023Online Registration is Now Open! 

District 34 will launch full-day kindergarten (FDK) at all primary schools. A half-day option remains available. Thanks to the successful referendum, there is space for all families who wish to select FDK!

To learn more about kindergarten in District 34, or to register, visit and watch this video at

2022-2023  Kindergarten in D34
Featuring full-day Kindergarten (FDK) with: Daily lunch and recess, New learning spaces, and More Time for Learning and Play.  
Early Bird Fee:  $3,300.  Deadline for early bird registration is March 31, 2022.  Fee after March 31, 2022: $3,600.  FDK Fee Waiver application (requiring proof of income) is available.  Payment plans for all families enrolled in FDK.